Tube-Light 48v System – Installation Notes


The control system is supplied in 2 parts:

  • Digital Control Panel


  • Mount in a convenient location where there is an easy/good view of shed internal area
    It is recommended that this unit be wall mounted and must not be situated in/on a wash-down area

    • Power is supplied via the PSU Housing box
    • Lighting lane signal cables from Digital Control -to- PSU Housing  (link cable is provided) 2x Lighting lanes 5-core  /  3x lighting lanes 6-core  /  4x lighting lanes 7-core
    • Maximum distance 5m from PSU housing
  • PSU Housing
    Power Management Housing

    Codes: AL012, AL013, AL014, AL022, AL023, AL024

  • Mount in a convenient place for ease of access to the ON/OFF main 230/240v isolation switch
    It is recommended that this unit be wall mounted and must not be situated in a direct wash-down area Lighting lane Power-Supplies:  48v 10Amp 480w

    • Number of lighting lanes & lighting units required must be specified at time of order
    • 230/240v mains power connection directly to Isolation switch – must be connected to the isolation switch on installation
    • Lighting lane connection points are provided and are clearly marked (48V) +V –V  and Signal connectio
    • Digital Control Panel link-cable connection point are provided and are clearly marked

    Added protection
    The Power Supplies provided have inbuilt overload protection
    Light lane protection is also provided via quick blow fuses (12A / 32mm Glass)

  • Lighting units & lane wiring
    Codes: AL001 – AL002

  • Lighting units are supplied with dual ceiling/suspension mounted brackets (supplied lose). Ceiling mount; there is a “half-moon” slot on each bracket to help compensate for roof pitch, ensure this is correctly orientated. Each unit lighting unit is supplied with 1m fitted cable (3x core 1.5mm)  Brown +V  /  Blue -V  /  GreenYellow is the Signal cable. No Earth is required for the lighting lanes (Low Voltage / 48v system)

  • Lighting units & lane wiring
    Codes: AL001 – AL002

  • Lane wiring requires 5x core – 1.5mm (2.5mm if over 100m)

    • Signal cable

    • Signal cable does not require a return and can be terminated at the last lane light (junction box)

    • 4x core +V -V


    • Wiring circuit is required to ensure a return (ring) is applied, helping to maintain a healthy voltage supply
      You will need to ensure this return path is connected at the last lane lighting point (junction box)

    • 2x Core +V / -V   Supply
      2x Core +V / -V   Return (ring)

    • Both +V Supply/Return – should be connected at the same lighting lane connection point

    An IP rated junction box is recommended for each light connection point along the lighting lanes (junction box’s not supplied)

    • *Maximum lighting lane length

    • 125m (410ft)

    • *Maximum lighting units:

    • 14 x units – Single Power-Supply per lane / see PSU Housing (product lealfet)
      28 x units – Twin Power-Supplies per lane / see PSU Housing (product leaflet)

Mains power 230/240v must be fitted to the PSU Housing Isolation switch on installation. The lighting units remain ON Stand-by mode when turned off via the Digital Control panel (all settings) – system remains LIVE.

The control panel or any part of this system must not be opened without first switching OFF the unit at the mains power.

We would recommend that appropriate power protection is fitted on installation, to protect the PSU Housing and related equipment from any possible mains supply power surges or other component failure.