Programming The Digital Control Panel

  • The ALL digital control panel

    Our digital control panel has been developed especially for the poultry industry, with robust buttons and large clear LCD screens.

    Note: One digital control panel is required per poultry house.

  • ALLControlBoxcover

Understanding the control panel


Using the control panel / setting up the programme

Ensure the unit is turned on and the system is ready.

  • Step 1 / Set the clock

  • Time/Set (button)
    Press and hold until the button turns green and the LCD time display flashes “00.00”
    Adjust with the “Adjust Features dial” First set the hour then repeat for the minutes – don’t forget to PRESS/SET

  • Step 2 / Set Programme

  • Timer A / Level (Button)
    Note: These TIMER A/B/C/D Buttons have two key features as follows below:
    (Timers can also be turned off – this is a special third feature – see notes below)
    If you’ve made an error – simply wait (self-cancel) “or” Press the “Adjust settings” dial PRESS to SET and escape

  • Press & Hold

  • Button will turn green – (Press and hold for 3 seconds) – button will activate (turn green)
    LCD screen corresponding TIMER A,B,C,D digits will flash “00.00” on the lower LCD screen
    Set the programme times as follows / Example TIMER A
    00.00 – Top digits ON Time (start) Hour & Minutes – set with “Adjust Settings” PRESS to SET
    00.00 – Lower digits OFF Time (finish) Hour & Minutes  – set with “Adjust Settings” PRESS to SET
    00 (Light level) – Bottom left of LCD screen – Required light level (power) – set with “Adjust Settings” PRESS to SET
    0.0 (Dusk/Dawn) – Fade rate – Adjust the fade rate of the lights On/OFF – set with “Adjust Settings” PRESS to SET
    HO = instant light (no fade) // 0 = 10 second (soft instant) // 1-60 minutes fade adjustable

  • Quick Press

  • Button will turn green – (Press quickly) – Button will activate (turn green) “USE ONLY WHEN PROGRAME IS SET”
    Light Level will flash “00” – Bottom of LCD screen (bottom left).
    This allows for easy adjustment of the light level, without having to enter the above programme settings

Your unit is now set – If more programmes are required, repeat above process using TIMER Level button B,C,D



  • This is controlled via adjusting the power level (% percentage of power) being supplied to the lighting units.


  • A timer can be turned off if not required.
    PRESS & HOLD the TIMER (Button) for 3 seconds “then” PRESS & HOLD again for another 3 seconds / Display shows: “–.—“


  • Each TIMER can be set with its own light level and fade rate


  • Order sequencer: B overrides A // C override B // D overrides C
    Timer A – ON 07.00 – OFF 21.00 – 50% Light (power)
    Timer B – ON 13.00 – OFF 14.00 – 100% Light (power) TIMER/B overrides TIMER/A “then” switches back to TIMER/A


  • Dusk-Dawn – The system uses the FADE-RATE setting of the next available programme
    TIMER A – ON 07.00 – OFF 23.00pm set at a 10 min fade-rate (10 mins at 0.700 / 10 mins at 23,00)
    TIMER B – ON 13.00 – OFF 14.00pm set at a 2minute fade-rate (2 min’s at 13.00 / 10 min’s at 14.00)


  • Must have a voltage free contact signal (make or break type).
    Only 1 x light level setting is available using a remote timer.
    A remote timer will override all other TIMER settings on the panel “BUT” only during a “make” (signal contact) / not a “break” (no signal)
    Ensure the control TIMERS (A,B,C,D) are not conflicting with the remote timer OFF periods (recommend the TIMER OFF position).
    The Light Level & Fade rated is set via TIMER/D by using the Light Level and Fade Rate settings (It by-passes any set time)


  • Battery Back-up, the system retains the time & programmes in the event of power-cut (require replacing every 2/3 years – approx)


  • 4 lighting lanes as standard, for sheds with less lighting lanes please simply ignore the lighting lanes buttons that are not required.

  • The system assumes off for any times periods that are not selected.

  • The PSU housing is fitted with an Isolation Switch (the unit will turn off when opened).
  • Mains Power should be connected to the isolation switch on installation.
  • This control panel, PSU housing & lighting units, should never be opened without switching off the mains power supply.
  • Lighting units remain on stand-by mode when turned off via the control panel (ALL SETTINGS) system remains LIVE.

We would recommend that appropriate power protection is fitted on installation, to protect the control board and other installed equipment from any possible power surges or component failures.